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Technical Data Buffel DW 3060 (wheels)

Length (transport) 9.700 mm Weight 25 tons
Width (transport)  2.550 mm    
Height (transport)  3.990 mm Fuel tank capacity ca 600 liters
Length (work bench)  13.067 mm Engin power 320 kW
Width (work bench) 2.550 mm    
Height (work bench) 3.361 mm Noise emission 116 dB(A)







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Doppstadt Buffel DW3060

Description :

The Doppstadt Biopower is suitable to reduce wood, construction and demolition waste, tree trunks, tree roots and domestic waste.

The material is reduced by a slow-speed crushing unit roller that is fitted with 22 removable wear-resistant teeth.

These teeth turn against a counter comb, which may recede in case of unwanted material.

The position of the comb is thereafter brought back hydraulically to the set value. The material is removed by a 5-meter-long conveyor belt through the rear.

The machine is equipped with a tandem wheel set for easy transport to the location.

Risk limitation :

At Smet we do everything to ensure that you can get to work safely and at ease.

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance


Doppstadt buffel dw3060

In short :

Suitable :

  • A, B and C wood
  • Tree roots
  • Green waste
  • Biomass
  • Trunks
  • Construction and demolition waste


Options :

  • Overband magnet

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