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Technical Data Crambo 6000W  (semi-trailer)

Length (transport) 8.120 mm Weight 24 ton
Width (transport)  2.500 mm Capacity (max) 80 tons / h
Height (transport)  3.255 mm Fuel tank capacity ca 700 litres
Length (work bench)  12.430 mm Generator power 583 kW
Width (work bench) 3.350 mm    
Height (work bench) 4.290 mm Noise emission 116 dB(A)
Loading belt (height) 2.930 mm    
Evacuation belt (height) 1890-4125 mm    












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Komptech Crambo 6000W

Description :

This Komptech wood shredder, Crambo 6000W on semi-trailer is an ideal shredder for all kinds of wood, roots, stumps, etc.

Due to the slow-speed rotors, the fine particles, dust and noise emission are limited as much as possible.

The resulting particle size is easily customised by replacing screens and takes only a few minutes.

The trailer frame ensures that the machine can easily be hooked on and moved from site to site.

A good loading of the machine is crucial to obtain a good capacity.

By making use of a material handler, you retain the overview of your shredding process.


Risk limitation

At Smet, we do everything to ensure that you can get to work safely and at ease.

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance


Available screens :

80x80, 90x90, 90x110, 110x110, 125x125, 150x150, 130x230, 180x180, 250x250, 300x300

Top combinations :

By placing the machines behind each other, you save working hours and manpower.

Place the Crambo in front of a drum screen or star screen (Multistar L3) and get 2 or 3 fractions directly. By placing the Stonefex behind de intermediate fraction of  the L3, you get a stone free biomass that you can send on directly to a biomass power station.

In short :

Suitable for :

  • A, B and C wood
  • Roots
  • Green waste
  • Biomass
  • Trunks


Options :

  • Overbelt magnet
  • Spray installation against dust


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