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Technical Data Hurrikan S (wheels)

Length (transport) 11 800 mm Weight 10 tons
Width (transport)  2 550 mm Capacity (max) up to 60 m³ / h
Height (transport)  4 000 mm    
    Electric engin 47 kW
Length (work bench)  12 296 mm Generator power 60 Kva
Width (work bench) 2 550 mm    
Height (work bench) 4 000 mm Security 80 A
    Operating voltage 400 V 
Supply height 1 950 - 2 250 mm Security class IP54
Supply width 900 / 1600 mm    
    Noise level 93 dB(A)






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Hurrikan S - Electric


This wind shifter is suitable to separate plastic, paper and other light materials from materials such as compost and biomass.

First of all, the material is separated by a high pressure blower (1) placing lighter material at the top of the material flow.

In following stage this light fraction is sucked up and removed out of the flow of materials by means of two suction fans. Finally, the stones (rolling back) and iron (magnetic roller) are removed from the material.

Risk limitation:

At SMET, we ensure you you can start working with peace of mind

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance



  • Separator for rolling fraction (rocks)
  • Magnetic drum
  • Connectable to the power supply (very good in dusty conditions)


Suitable for:

Separation of plastic, paper and other particles from lightweight materials such as compost, biomass...

Connectable to the grid: ideal in dusty conditions


 Machine in action ?:  Smet Location Youtube

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