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Technical data Stonefex 3000E (semi-trailer)

Length (transport) 8.300 mm Weigth 9 tons
Width (transport)  2 550 mm Throughput (max) tot 100 m³ / h
Height (transport)  4 000 mm Fuel tank capacity ca 300 l
Length (work bench)  8.300 mm Engin power 30 kVA
Width (work bench) 7.420 mm    
Height (work bench)  4.000 mm    







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This stone separator Stonefex separates light and heavy materials from each other.

The adjustment of the machine is very simple and is based om four parameters : the speed of the loading belt, the power of the blowing unit, the angle or height of the plate and the strength of the suction unit.

  • Connectable to power supply, ideal in dusty conditions
  • Always coupled behind another machine
  • Removes up to 95 % of all stones


Working principle :

Stonefex komptech stenenscheider

Risk limitation : 

At Smet, we ensure you you can get to work safely and at ease. 

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance


Suitable for :

  • Separating stones from light materials such as compost, wood and biomass
  • Separating materials with different specific mass


 Machine in action ?:  Smet Rental Youtube

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