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Operating Principle

The TA-PO 1000 separation machine separates FE components from FE components with non-ferrous parts. This is done with magnetics in combination with speed. As illustrated: if mixed iron (FE) parts and motor armatures / transformers (FE and CU) are put into the TA-PO 1000 separation machine, the iron (FE) parts will end up in the first box and the motor armatures / transformers in the second box. All operational parts of the machine are driven at a set speed by a special magnetic field. As a result, the iron (FE) parts have a shorter production curve and the motor armatures/transformers with copper (CU) parts in them have a longer production curve. A separation of the different parts relies on this difference.

When To Use

The TA-PO 1000 can handle parts from 10-300mm in size. If the parts are similar in size, the separation rate will be higher than if there are large differences in size.

Mix FE delen/ FE, CU delen

Gescheiden FE delen


Gescheiden FE/CU delen




Why To Use

  • Fine iron pieces have higher value, higher percentage of usable iron producers with larger sales area
  • Concentrated pieces of copper-containing iron which are worth x2.5 compared to pure iron
  • Higher separation rate than 5 handpickers
  • Easily deployable unit

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