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Technical Data Keestrack Frontier (tracks)

Length (transport) 13.360 mm Weight 30 tons
Width (transport)  2.720mm Capacity (max) tot 250 m³ / h
Height (transport)  3.180 mm Fuel tank capacity ca 346 liters
Length (work bench)  15.400 mm    
Width (work bench) 14.400 mm    
Height (work bench) 3.700 mm    
Supply height 3.800 mm    
Bunker width 4.000 mm    
Bunker volume 8 m³    











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Keestrack Frontier - 3 FRCTS.

Description : 

This inclined screen, Keestrack Frontier, has two large screen decks and supplies three fractions. The machine is provided with a supply bunker whereby a continuous material flow and thus a better straining result is obtained.

It has a large capacity and is very versatile.

The upper deck can be equipped with plates, fingers or nets.

The machine is mounted on tracks and is moved with a remote control. Transport is done by low-loader.

Risk limitation :

At Smet, we do everything to make sure you can work at ease and safely.

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance


Mesh sizes: All sizes of grids and fingers (1.25 mm up to 200 mm)


  • Overband magnet


Suitable for:

  • Soil
  • A and B wood
  • Chips
  • Debris
  • Glass
  • Compost
  • Industrial waste
  • Disposal
  • Lime
  • Plastic
  • Iron ore


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