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Technical data Terra Select T6E (wheels)

Length (transport) 11 800 mm Weight 19 tons
Width (transport)  2 550 mm Throughput (max) 100 m³ / h
Heigth (transport)  4 000 mm Fuel tank capacity ca 300 liters
Length (work bench) 15 200 mm Engin power 90 kW
Width (work bench) 6 300 mm    
Height (work bench) 3 980 mm Noise emission 87 dB(A)
Loading height 3 250 mm    
Loading volume  6 m³    
Screening surface 30,0 m²    









Terra Select T6E

Description :

This Terra Select T6E is a hihly efficient drum screen that is connectable on the power supply, ideal for indoor or in dusty conditions.

Positioning / machine choice

In case of limited space, please take into account the drawing below.

  • On which side of the machine do you wish to load ?
  • On which side of the machine must the fine fraction come out ?



*The supply side can be adjusted if this is reported in advance.

*To be able to work well with the machine, you should have 3 meters or free space of more around it.

Risk limitation :

At Smet, we ensure you can work safely and at ease.

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and machine breakdown insurance


Drums : All sizes (2 mm up to 120 mm)


Options :

  • Head roller magnet on fine and coarse fractions


Suitable for :

  • Soil
  • A and B wood
  • Chips
  • Industrial and domestic waste
  • Glass
  • Compost
  • Lime
  • Plastic


Machine in action ? Smet Rental YouTube

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